Power to the Rush Bowl

Hey Rush Bowls fans! My name is Julia Coats and I have been serving as the lead marketing intern this summer (Summer 2014) for Rush. I have been a dedicated Rush Bowls fan since August 2012. My CU freshman self stumbled upon Rush Bowls one day while walking to my sorority chapter meeting. It was love at first bite when I indulged in my Legend acai bowl.

I’ve never been a breakfast person. Even as a child, breakfast was the least exciting part about my day. My parents would constantly give me that generic lecture about the importance of having a balanced breakfast before you start your day, how you needed fuel to be able to focus on academics, sports, whatever the day may have in store for you…

My habits for not eating breakfast followed me to college, and it definitely came as a reality check to me when my performance throughout the day was not up to par because I skipped this meal. Now…I’m not much of a morning person either, so the struggle was “real” to get myself out of bed and to the dining hall to grab breakfast or downstairs to my own kitchen to whip up eggs and a toasted bagel.

This was until I discovered the grab-n-go Rush Bowls.

I have always considered myself to be one of Rush Bowls biggest fans, especially sophomore year when my residence was on 12th and Penn (right up the street from Rush). It made it so easy to go down the block to grab a smoothie. The grab-n-go bowls, however, are somewhat revolutionary. To my surprise, having these stocked in my freezer have actually helped me to start eating a more balanced and nutritious breakfast.

I’ll run downstairs right when I wake up, grab a grab-n-go bowl from the freezer, and allow it to defrost while I continue to get ready downstairs. By the time I’m downstairs in the kitchen ready to prepare the rest of my breakfast, my Rush Bowl is already defrosted and ready to consume.

There was one particular breakfast that proved to be one of the greatest breakfasts I’ve had in a very long time. I paired my Beach grab-n-go bowl with an omelette loaded with veggies, bacon, and a glass of fresh OJ. This was actually one of the first real breakfast meals I’ve had in months, and what surprised me the most was that I was more awake, proactive, and focused throughout the day. Pairing this indulgence with a meal I’ve never particularly been a fan of proved to be most helpful.

Power to the Rush Bowl for making me want to eat better, live a healthier lifestyle, and maintain a balanced diet.

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Pre-packed, but still as good as ever.

When you walk around the grocery store, it is much more common to find pre-packaged meals. We live in a day and age where microwaveable meals and frozen entrees have become our saving grace. Life continues to get busier, families continue to get larger, and the time allotted at home to prepare a meal is getting shorter.

Taking the time out of your day to get the daily dose of fruits can be difficult. To make the perfect smoothie, it takes time and patience in the kitchen. Packing fruit to go to the office can often be a struggle, because your fruit can get smashed underneath your laptop within your briefcase. Taking fruit on the go for the kids can often be difficult, and I know this from experience because my fruit would always go bad in my lunchbox by the time I would get to school.

Rush Bowls are ultimately a saving grace for the fruit lovers of the world. Rush Bowls provide you with your daily dose of vitamins WITHOUT the struggle of packing fresh fruit or making a smoothie. The frozen produce we blend into our bowls is picked at its peak of ripeness and frozen immediately. Rush Bowls is following this pre-packaged meal trend without the hassle of microwaving or reheating in an oven. Once you pull your Rush Bowl out of the freezer, you can decide how much you would like it defrosted. Want your Rush Bowl right away? Take it out of the freezer while getting ready for work and it will be ready to eat by the time you leave for the office. Want your kid to be able to enjoy their bowl at school? Seal it in their lunchbox with an ice pack and it will be good to go by noon.

Never miss the opportunity to have your daily dose of fruit. Rush Bowls: pre-packed, but still as good as ever.

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Welcome Katie Ryan!

We’re excited to announce the newest member to the Rush Bowls team, Katie Ryan! Katie is a member of the U.S. Women’s Alpine B-Team and will be skiing in her first World Cups this season! The accomplishments that she has made throughout her skiing career are incredible. For the past two years, Katie was on the Development Team, and when she won the North American Downhill title last year, she was able to make the jump past C-Team and onto the World Cup Circuit with B-Team. Now being the youngest member on B-Team (age 20), she is hoping to win both speed events, Downhill and SuperG, at World Juniors. Last year, Katie was the leading American at World Juniors with a 6th place finish in SuperG.

What makes Katie even more amazing of an athlete is that she is ready to conquer this skiing season after tearing her ACL mid-March while training in Squaw Valley. Katie said, “Although the ACL tear was a huge bummer, in the car ride driving away from the MRI appointment I simply decided that this is my chance to become the über-athlete I needed to become.  Since then, I've had the fastest ACL recovery of any U.S. Ski Team Alpine athlete passing a strength, symmetry and cardio test at just 13 weeks post-operation.” For the last two weeks of August, Katie will be training in Mt. Hood for her “back-to-snow” protocol, which will be half of a month earlier than anyone returning to the snow after such an injury in the past! Katie feels she is the most fit she has ever been, and given her spirit and drive we think she’ll perform incredibly at the first World Cup Downhill in Beaver Creek, Colorado in November.


Rush Bowls has helped Katie to remain as healthy as she can during her training. She stated, “Rush Bowls are an incredible product and have made an impact in my training by keeping me fueled and feeling fresh for the my next workout.” Katie’s favorite bowl is the Power Bowl, which provides 18 grams of Whey Protein at just 295 calories! The Rush Bowls team is rooting for Katie’s full recovery and an amazing start to her ski season!


To keep up with Katie you can follow her blog at

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