Welcome Katie Ryan!

We’re excited to announce the newest member to the Rush Bowls team, Katie Ryan! Katie is a member of the U.S. Women’s Alpine B-Team and will be skiing in her first World Cups this season! The accomplishments that she has made throughout her skiing career are incredible. For the past two years, Katie was on the Development Team, and when she won the North American Downhill title last year, she was able to make the jump past C-Team and onto the World Cup Circuit with B-Team. Now being the youngest member on B-Team (age 20), she is hoping to win both speed events, Downhill and SuperG, at World Juniors. Last year, Katie was the leading American at World Juniors with a 6th place finish in SuperG.

What makes Katie even more amazing of an athlete is that she is ready to conquer this skiing season after tearing her ACL mid-March while training in Squaw Valley. Katie said, “Although the ACL tear was a huge bummer, in the car ride driving away from the MRI appointment I simply decided that this is my chance to become the über-athlete I needed to become.  Since then, I've had the fastest ACL recovery of any U.S. Ski Team Alpine athlete passing a strength, symmetry and cardio test at just 13 weeks post-operation.” For the last two weeks of August, Katie will be training in Mt. Hood for her “back-to-snow” protocol, which will be half of a month earlier than anyone returning to the snow after such an injury in the past! Katie feels she is the most fit she has ever been, and given her spirit and drive we think she’ll perform incredibly at the first World Cup Downhill in Beaver Creek, Colorado in November.


Rush Bowls has helped Katie to remain as healthy as she can during her training. She stated, “Rush Bowls are an incredible product and have made an impact in my training by keeping me fueled and feeling fresh for the my next workout.” Katie’s favorite bowl is the Power Bowl, which provides 18 grams of Whey Protein at just 295 calories! The Rush Bowls team is rooting for Katie’s full recovery and an amazing start to her ski season!


To keep up with Katie you can follow her blog at

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Frozen vs. Fresh Fruit

When you go to the super market you most likely buy fresh fruit over frozen fruit. We all know that we need our daily dose of fruits, but many times frozen fruits are far from our mind.  It makes sense that we would buy the fresh produce because fresh must mean its better for you, right? Not necessarily. When a piece of fresh fruit is picked for the market it is often picked before its peak of ripeness. This is to prevent damage to the product when it is shipped. Also, this way the consumer can buy the fruit and not worry about it going bad before they are able to eat it.  This is all fine and dandy, however the only problem is fruits are most nutrient-packed at their peak ripeness. Problem solved, frozen fruit! Frozen produce is picked at its peak of ripeness and frozen immediately, locking in that optimal amount of nutrients for up to 12 months. Fresh fruits and veggies produce enzymes that cause degradation of nutrients, color and flavor. These enzymes are deactivated during the freezing process, keeping the produce at a stable nutrient dense state. Rush Bowls are a delicious and easy way to get all of those frozen nutrients into your diet! A Rush Bowl contains all-natural frozen fruit without any added sugars or artificial sweeteners making it easier to consume the necessary daily serving of fruit! The problem with frozen fruit is its not easy or quick to eat.  You have to either thaw the fruit or take the time to make a smoothie or some kind of recipe. Rush Bowls erase all that hassle.  Pop a Rush Bowl in the microwave or take it with you on the go and it’s ready to eat.  The hassle-free benefits of frozen fruit!


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B12 Boost!

It’s hard to keep track of all of the different nutrients your body needs. The importances of each vitamin and mineral can get confusing and overwhelming. One essential vitamin not to forget about though is vitamin b12. Vitamin b12 is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The vitamin helps keep your body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and assists in producing DNA. When your body can create new red blood cells and DNA efficiently your body remains healthy, energized and happy. This nutrient also helps the body metabolize protein, carbohydrates and fat, assisting in weight loss. If you’re experiencing a lack of energy, weakness, loss of appetite, or mood changes, vitamin b12 might help with that.

Rush Bowls has created a delicious way to incorporate vitamin b12 into your diet. Using simple, all-natural ingredients our new Energy Bowl contains 830% of your daily needed vitamin b12. The 4oz snack size bowls that will soon launch to stores contain 300%! Made of cherries, strawberries, and apple juice this bowl is just what you need for some afternoon fuel. Skip your second coffee run of the day and pick up an Energy Bowl!



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