Rush-Naturally Enlightened was born in the fall of 2004 on “The Hill” in Boulder, CO. Serving all-natural smoothies and blended fruit bowls, it quickly became a haven amongst hungry CU students looking for a healthy alternative to typical campus foods and “Hill” fare. As popularity grew and demand mounted, Rush created an additional line of the Bowls that made them so popular – frozen grab-n-go Bowls. These bowls were quick, easy, and accessible, making them a great option for students, moms, athletes, etc. that needed a substantial meal on the go.

The new Bowl line started strong in Whole Foods Markets during the first part of 2009 and quickly expanded throughout several regions of the country. With options to fulfill the needs of many restricted diets as well as a great taste that pleased the pallets of all demographics, Rush Bowls were tagged as favorites and continue to thrive in all settings.

Today, the Rush team is constantly playing with new ingredients and flavors to expand their line and meet the desires of their loyal customers. With demand from coast to coast, you will soon be able to pick up Rush Bowls in the freezer of any local marketplace.