Our Founder

After fifteen years of working his way up though the competitive ranks of New York City’s financial sector, Rush owner and founder, Andrew Pudalov, made a conscientious decision to leave his most recent position as Head of a Global Fixed Income Derivative Desk at National Australia Bank to pursue an interest he felt was a virtue of higher importance. While Andrew worked his entire adult life for a number of prestigious financial institutions to achieve an expertise in institutional fixed income derivative trading, he simply felt it time to gratify another more altruistic ambition he had always held.

Pudalov, his wife, and their two young children relocated to Colorado in 2004 in order to fulfill a lifelong dream of living in the beautiful backdrop of Boulder while Andrew pushed forward with his vision to establish a place where people could eat healthy, eat well, and truly enjoy the unadulterated and organic elements of the earth.

Pudalov founded Boulder’s University Hill district’s first all-natural smoothie bar in the fall of 2004 providing a healthy alternative to the common “Hill” fare. After enormous success, he launched a line of frozen grab-n-go bowls soon after to meet the ever mounting demand.

Today, Andrew continues to personally operate his Rush storefront as well as oversee his rapidly expanding wholesale division. Although he visits New York City from time to time, he could not be happier with his decision to adopt the Boulder lifestyle and spread its passion for health through Rush and its products.

As the bowls continue to receive both regional and national acclaim, Pudalov maintains his commitment to spreading the joys of pure, honest nutrition and making Rush the best possible company it can be. He also finds the time to revisit his roots by teaching Derivatives at the University of Colorado every so often, just for old time’s sake.