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Boulder, CO (September, 2013) – Rush Bowls®, an innovator in the quick & healthy frozen meals category, has teamed up with Udi’s® Gluten Free, a subsidiary of Boulder Brands, Inc. All of the Rush Bowls® signature fruit blends will now exclusively feature Udi’s® Gluten Free granola. Rush Bowls® are low calorie, nutrient filled fruit blends that are perfect as a wholesome meal or snack. The incorporation of Udi’s® Gluten Free granola will add another great layer of flavor and allow the entire Rush Bowls® product line to be gluten free.

“Udi’s Gluten Free granola is the ideal complement to our fruit blends,” says Rush Bowls® Founder and President, Andrew Pudalov. "Boulder Brands is a leader in the natural foods market, and joining forces supports our mission to provide healthy, great tasting products that cater to nearly every dietary need."

For the past several years, Rush Bowls® has produced its Original Meal-in-a-Bowl product line, which is sold in retailers throughout the country. In addition, Rush recently launched a brand new extension – the Snack Pack. This new line offers the signature recipe in a smaller package, perfect for those craving a healthy snack.

Both the Snack Pack and the Original Meal will be co-branded with Udi’s® and sold at natural, conventional, and institutional retailers throughout the country.

Please see image below of the new 4oz Snack Pack with Udi’s® Gluten Free granola. Rush Bowls® offer the perfect combination of flavor and nutrition that caters to nearly every lifestyle and dietary need. Find out more at and



Rush Bowls®

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in a rush? grab a rush bowl

by Martin Deveau, Manager of Product Demonstration

rush-bowlsIn a rush? We can relate…many of us are, and many of us find it hard to get the proper meals and nutrition in us to sustain this busy lifestyle. That’s why we love Rush Bowls; they are exactly how they sound…a bowl of nutrient and protein packed food on the go. More specifically, they are varieties of blended all natural frozen fruits with an organic crunchy granola topping. This equates to a perfect start of a day, wouldn’t you say?

Rush Bowls are meant to be eaten as healthy meals in a bowl on-the-go whenever, by whomever! Rush Bowls cater to the needs of parents, students, athletes, children, and young professionals alike. Rush Bowls thaw 30-50 seconds in the microwave or 1-2 hours naturally, depending on room temperature. If put in an insulated lunchbox, the bowls thaw in 4-5 hours making them a perfect option for kids’ lunch at school. Each Rush Bowl is packed with antioxidants, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals and offers a delicious way to get the nutrition the body needs. Rush Bowls values an all-natural lifestyle, which is why they make a point to not add any of the following ingredients to their products:

-No artificial sweeteners

-No artificial additives

-No artificial preservatives

-No GMOs



Rush Bowls also takes the dietary needs and restrictions of customers seriously, which is why their product line contains options to suit the following lifestyles:








Check out their five delicious blends below:

Power Bowl – bananas, blueberries, raspberries, organic vanilla soymilk, whey protein. Granola topping included.

Yoga Bowl – pineapples, mangos, bananas, organic vanilla soymilk, green tea blend. Granola topping included.

Oasis Bowl – mangos, pineapples, peach juice, coconut milk. Granola topping included.

Beach Bowl – mango, banana, acai, guava juice. Granola topping included

Gluten-Free Beach Bowl – mango, banana, acai, guava juice. Gluten-free topping included.


Rush Bowls will be proving samples to our customers this Saturday May 11th from 4-7pm at the following locations: Rolling Hills, South Pasadena, Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach, Beverly West, and Palm Desert.

Give them a try next time you are on the go and come back to let us know what you think!

For more information on Rush Bowls, visit their website at

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